Why lived- in hair?

Many women, at some point in their lives, get their hair dyed or colored. Dying one’s hair can be a fun way to switch things up, express yourself, and try new things. But as many routine-dyers can tell you, keeping up on a dye-job can be hard work (not to mention, expensive)! Women who get their hair colored, especially if they go blond, may find themselves at the salon or buying at-home dyes nearly once a month or so for touch-ups. As your hair grows, your dye job grows out as well, leading to the unwanted, awkward showing of roots. However, the solution is found in a newer trend — lived-in hair. 

What is lived-in hair?

Lived-in hair, despite its slightly misleading name, is not just a grown-out dye job that still looks good. Lived-in hair is a new dying/highlighting technique that allows the hair to grow out in a natural way, rather than leaving visible roots that require touch ups. While the actual process takes a few hours, this look can last up to six months, according to its creator, Johnny Ramirez of Ramirez Tran Salon. The process seems similar to other dye treatments in that it involves highlighting the entire head, adding color and bleach. However, there are aspects of the lived-in hair technique that make it quite unique. 

The trick to lived-in hair is the “fake root” that is created. The client’s natural hair colors are used to create a look that is blended throughout the entire head. This means that when it grows out there are no harsh roots visible. The main difference between this treatment and balayage is the blending of the color throughout all of the client’s hair, whereas balayage paints a layer over the hair.  The process seems a bit complicated and can take several hours — but the results are worth it! The lived-in hair dying technique allows for less frequent salon visits and touch ups, and leaves behind a completely natural look even months after the initial dye-job.

Using our coloring lines, Davines and L’Oréal, creating this naturally stunning look is made simple. Make sure to ask your stylist about lived-in hair next time you want to get your hair dyed!