Blow Dry Bar @ Haven Salon

Blowouts have grown in popularity in the past few years. For a special occasion or just a casual weekday, a blowout gives you a bouncy, styled-look without the necessity of curling or flat irons. While they can be done at home, there’s something about the salon blowout look that’s just hard to achieve. 

What Is a Blowout?

Salons have been straying further and further from hood dryers, and depending more on the simple blow dryer. With this change of pace came the blowout. Using only a blow dryer and a round brush, a stylist can achieve a fresh, voluminous look. After this is achieved, more definition can be added with a curling iron or flat iron if desired. 

As blowouts have grown in style, they have become more of a pampering activity. They begin with shampoo and conditioning. Hair should not only be wet, but clean for the desired result. Next, the stylist will use a towel to remove any excess moisture, leaving the hair damp but not drenched. After detangling and applying heat protectant, the stylist will begin the blow drying process. This involves sectioning off the hair and using a round brush alongside the dryer to achieve the style of your choice. Next, the cool shot is used to set and finish your hair. Then, if desired, your stylist may use a curling or flat iron to add additional definition to the look. 

Blowouts and Blow Drying at Home

Giving yourself a blowout at home is certainly achievable. It’s really a matter of having the right tools. Allure walks you through exactly how to attempt a blowout at home. What’s really important to know, though, is how to blow dry your hair according to your hair type. 

There are certain steps that should be followed when blow drying your hair and they vary based on your hair type. For instance, people with straight hair should “hold the round brush vertically and roll it away from [their] face” (Shunatona How to Blow Dry Your Hair”), whereas people with curly hair should use a diffuser and begin with their hair flipped upside down. Check out this great article from Cosmopolitan — this tells you everything you need to know about how to blow dry for your hair type. 
As popularity increases, blowouts have become a method of pampering. Forget going to the spa with the girls before a big night out — go get yourselves a blowout! While they can be done at home, sometimes it’s really just more fun (and easier) to leave it to the pros. Next time you need to get gussied up for a big event, try treating yourself to a blowout. You may find it’s just what you needed.