St Louis Keratin Treatment

This treatment can either be a lifesaver when you don’t have time to work against your natural style or be an opportunity to try something new. Our salon is dedicated to listening to you, so you and your locks leave feeling rejuvenated.

We help you come up with a routine that is perfect for your locks and your needs after receiving the treatment, whether it’s your first time ever or your first time getting it in our salon.

We Cater to Your Beauty Needs

Keratin treatments are designed to reduce frizz, curl, and styling time for hair that needs specialized care. The advanced technology used to tame hair keeps the keratin inside the cuticle for sleeker and easier to manage hair.

But don’t worry, we don’t overcharge for wanting an easier way to customize your hair care routine. Keratin treatment in St. Louis costs vary. We work with you, so you can go home with the look you want to achieve. Not only do you receive professional keratin treatment in St. Louis, you are also one step closer to embracing your style.


Every type of hair is beautiful. We provide keratin treatment for all types of hair textures for healthier, smoother, and easier to style hair. It’s our job to work with your natural texture to create a silkier and easier to manage style that works for what you want in an everyday look.

Haven Salon provides a beauty and wellness refuge by allowing you to leave all your stress at the door before sitting down in one of our chairs. While you receive professional keratin treatment in St. Louis, you will feel right at home as you relax within the sensory experience provided in the salon.

You Don’t Have to Fight Against Nature

This beauty style helps block out the humidity that brings out the frizzy curls and environmental toxins that add to the damage that abrasive products do to the strands. The keratin treatment offered by Haven salon will help elevate your style while maintaining your natural hair.

We also provide styling tips so you can keep up with a realistic care routine once you get back home. You no longer have to fight against nature to get your stands where you want them. Your style will be wearable while reflecting on your true self, just with a little help from the salon chair.


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Haven Salon is here to help you take advantage of lock taming technology that turns difficult and frizzy hair into silky and manageable strands. You and your hair will benefit from the protective styling to keep it healthier without having to spend hours working with it in the mirror every day.
If you’re ready for a change or to find a stylist who understands what you’re looking for, book an appointment today for the best keratin treatment in St. Louis.