St Louis Blowout

We’d ask “do you want sleek, shiny hair that holds its shape for longer,” but we know the answer. Of course, you do. One of the best ways to achieve this is with a professional salon blowout.

Learn about how the expert hair stylists at Haven Salon can give you the best blowout in St. Louis.

Benefits of a Salon Blowout in St. Louis

So what can you expect when you book with us? Here’s what we offer.

A professional treatment will give your hair a fuller shape for up to 3-5 days. We’ll also provide tips on how to take care of your hair to ensure it doesn’t lose its shape.

Your hair never feels so good as after a full salon blowout in St. Louis. It doesn’t just feel silky and soft to the touch – our thorough wash and dry using the best products means that your hair will feel light and wonderful on your head.

We only use the best products and hairdressing tools in our St. Louis hair salon. This means that we can promise our customers consistent, top-quality results every time. We’re also happy to recommend the best products for hair care at home.

You can spend many hours and a lot of money trying to get salon-level results when blow-drying your hair. We offer the best blowout in St. Louis at an affordable price and with minimal stress. Plus, we can promise great results each time.

Why Go to a Hair Salon for a Blowout?

Is a blowout the same as a blow-dry? Yes and no. The basics are the same, but a professional stylist at a salon knows:


  • The best products and techniques to help your hair retain its shape
  • Just how long and where to blow-dry for the best results
  • How to avoid damaging your hair

Can you do a blowout at home? Of course, you can. But will you get the same results? Not unless you’ve got the right tools and plenty of home hairdressing experience.


If you want to learn how to do a blowout at home, start by learning from the best with proof that our blowout St. Louis services do wonders for your hair. Come try the best blowout in St. Louis and watch our stylists work their magic – we love to talk about our work, so ask us anything!

Why Choose Haven Hair Salon St. Louis?

Our experienced team has years of training and experience giving customers haircare that provides that “wow” factor. Our salon has a relaxing, friendly atmosphere – we prioritize our clients’ wellness above all else! You can always expect a great chat and the best service in St. Louis when you come to Haven Salon – call now and come get to know us!

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Incredible, long-lasting fullness. No risk of damage. Minimal hassle. Attention from friendly experts who will give you the best salon experience every time.
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