Spiritual Haircutting: Everything You Need to Know

Have you heard of spiritual haircutting? Many think that getting a haircut is a surface-layer, unemotional process. Something that has to be done every once in a while to maintain one’s looks and hygiene. When in actuality, spiritual haircutting shows us it can be so much more than that. 

What Is a Spiritual Haircut? 

Spiritual haircutting goes far beyond a typical haircut. Your hair is a physical extension of your Crown Chakra. (Think of it like an energetic antenna, connecting the spiritual and the physical worlds). So a spiritual haircut involves healing your chakras and a spiritual reading. To learn more about chakras and how to heal them, click here.

Each session is personalized to you and where you’re at spiritually. Its purpose is to leave you feeling refreshed and lighter — mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

The Process

Spiritual haircutting starts like most every haircut you’ve ever gotten. Your stylist likely will start by asking you typical haircut questions about length and style. But before the haircutting actually begins, your stylist needs to figure out what kind of chakra therapy to include in your session. 

This can be done in a couple of different ways — a guided conversation or having you choose a chakra card from a deck, for example. The choice is up to your stylist! After they determine which of your chakras needs some healing, they can decide how to best treat it. This can include anything from different aromatherapies to a reiki, head and shoulder massage. 

After the haircutting part of the session is over, your stylist may choose to give you a spiritual reading. Some may even give you a sort of assignment to further the effect of the treatment. For example, one stylist gives his clients their cut hair in an envelope with a mantra written on it. He then asks his clients to release their cut hair into nature and feel themselves “let go of the past.”

At Home Spiritual Hair Care

Even if you’re a practiced hairdresser, it can be difficult to give yourself a spiritual haircut because it involves a third party giving an unbiased reading of your energy in order to invite healing. However, there are things you can do to promote that same healing on a semi regular basis at home. 

For instance, combing your hair is a great way to remove unwanted energy and blocks in your chakras. Static and knots (both something we see in our hair all the time) are common forms of energy blocks. Washing your hair is another way to cleanse away negative energy. 

Where to Get a Spiritual Haircut 

Spiritual haircuts are not widely practiced just yet. You’ll need to find someone who’s a talented hairdresser, has experience with holistic healing, and that they’re in good spirits! (Since there’s a powerful energy transfer that takes place during these sessions, you always want to make sure whoever is touching your hair is in good spirits). Check out Haven Salon and ask about their spiritual haircuts.