St Louis Hair Extensions

Don’t go just anywhere for hair extensions in St. Louis. Leave your hair to the expert stylists at Haven Salon. Our highly trained, experienced team will leave with your beautiful hair extensions that will look and feel great.


If you’re looking for hair extensions in St. Louis, book now with our team at Haven Salon.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between them will often come down to budget, commitment to proper care, and hair types. If you’re not sure or this is your first time, speak with a Haven Salon stylist before scheduling your appointment. They will be able to help you make the right choice.

On the day of your appointment, there is nothing you have to worry about for your hair. We take care of everything for you, including washing and a blowout. This ensures that your hair is completely clean and ready for attachments.

Before you get attachments, it’s important to understand that they will require a bit of extra care. Depending on how you currently take care of your hair and the products you use, it may involve some changes to your routine. This is to ensure that the attachments last as long as possible and look great.

At your appointment, we teach you how to care for your attachments and advise the right products for your particular hair and extensions. You can rest assured that Haven Salon expert stylists know what’s best for you and are happy to share all their knowledge.

Our Hair Extension Services

No matter the method and coloring, we have pieces to match exactly what you’re looking for. Do you want a balayage? Or would you like dimensional coloring? We do it all, and we ensure that your new additions look beautiful and natural on you.

Learn more about the different methods we use for our hair extensions in St. Louis.

The hand-tied method requires no heat, tape, or glue. They are also very lightweight, meaning no undue stress on your follicles. By slipping small beads into sections of your tresses, the attachments are then tied to the beads.
Hand-tied attachments generally take longer than some other methods but are the most flexible and lay flat to the scalp for a very natural look.

Clip-in attachments make for the fastest method and also allow for easy removal when needed. We choose clip-in pieces that will beautifully match your style and choose only high-quality extensions that will reliably stay in your hair.
At Haven Salon, we provide you with the perfect pieces and create an overall look. Once we’ve shown you the best ways to add them to your head, you can easily remove and install them again. For example, you can quickly take them out for bedtime and add them back in the morning.

Tape-in attachments work similarly to hand-tied. But instead of tying the pieces to beads, they are taped between sections of hair. This works as a type of sandwich and keeps the attachments concealed, even for thin hair. We can also perform tape-in touch-ups, which are recommended every six to eight weeks.
Tape-ins are one of the fastest semipermanent methods, with appointments being almost half the time of hand-tied. Unlike clip-ins, they will stay in your hair with no need for removal until it’s time for a replacement, or you want them removed by your stylist.

Sewn-in attachments, also referred to as weaved hair, are similar to hand-tied attachments. However, instead of attaching them to beads, natural hair is first braided into tight cornrows instead of attaching them to beads, and the hair extensions are sewn into the braids.
Because pieces are only attached to the natural braids, this is typically reserved for thick hair to hold the pieces in place. For those with thinner hair, they will likely require the beads of hand-tied wefts.

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Attachments are a great way to add volume and length to what you already have. If you’re ready to get longer tresses or want to add a little more texture, don’t wait any longer. Schedule your appointment today with Haven Salon for hair extensions in St. Louis.


STL Extensions FAQ

For semipermanent extension methods, swimming is perfectly safe. For those with clip-in pieces, it’s best to remove them before you go swimming. If you swim with extensions, it’s essential to take proper care, including full detangling and wash right after.

Using hot tools such as curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers is safe. However, they will wear out your extensions more quickly. So when possible, it’s best to air dry.

Extensions can last up to a year with proper care and regular touch-up appointments every two months. At Haven Salon, we will help you create a care routine that will keep you looking great and your extensions lasting as long as possible.